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Adult Bedtime Stories by Ms. Cleavage

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I am a writer of very arousing erotica and have been writing for only a year or so. I use the pen name of Ms. Cleavage for all my stories online or within magazines. I have been published on several erotic story sites online and also in a couple of men's magazines. I have been published on and and others.

I seem to have a very nice following of erotica fans who enjoy my style of writing.

Through the encouragement of many of my fans I have decided to record a CD with my stories on it.

I am about to release volume one.

I write in both the the MALE and FEMALE perspective to challenge my style of writing. In this new CD, my husband will read those stories which are in the MALE perspective (first person) and I will read those stories from the FEMALE perspective (first person).

I will apologize right now because I have heard from many of my reading fans that they have become very aroused reading my stories. My intent with the stories being read to you on this CD is for you to go beyond just being aroused. Being that my husband and I are reading the stories to you as a couple we hope that you will find it a new toy for your collection to increase the arousal of your mate and you.

Be sure to let me know what you think of the stories after you get the CD and hear it for the first time.

What is the cost of volume #1 for my Adult Bedtime Stories? Only $16... with FREE shipping.

Click here to read a description of the stories along with a sound bite of each story to entice you to hear more.



Adult Bedtime Stories CD # 1

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